Alcohol Abuse

Our recommended alcoholism rehab centers in New York and out-of-state focus on helping alcoholics achieve long-term sobriety.

Alcoholism Treatment in New York

Alcoholism is the inability of an individual to manage drinking habits despite serious effects on professional goals, personal matters, relationships, and overall health. It is also commonly referred to as alcohol use disorder (AUD). Alcoholics feel as though they cannot function normally without alcohol. Over time, it causes side effects that can worsen and produce damaging complications.

In a report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), alcoholism is responsible for about 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost in the United States each year. Alcohol dependence among New Yorkers aged 12 and older is about the same as the national average – 6.65% or approximately 1.1 million individuals. The burden of alcoholism results in over 4,000 deaths and 112,000 years of potential life lost, and $ 14.2 billion in lost revenue each year in New York.

A Brief Background on Alcohol Abuse

Beer, wine, and spirits (hard liquor) are the most widely used alcoholic beverages. For the most part, drinking alcohol is common and widely accepted in America. It is acceptable in both social settings and even religious rituals.

On close examination, most Americans drink. Moreover, many do so without suffering any harmful consequences. However, about one in 13 adults, as well as teenagers aged 12 and older, abuses or is dependent on alcohol. Risky drinking behaviors, including drunk driving, are common to several million more. While drinking alcohol in moderation is ok, heavy drinking sharply raises the risk of illness from numerous health problems. This includes liver disease, heart disease, and some types of cancer. The dangers associated with alcohol abuse tend with age.

Unlike older adults, young people are more likely to engage in binge drinking (having five or more drinks on the same occasion). This puts them at risk of accidents and alcohol poisoning. On the other hand, older drinkers do not metabolize alcohol as efficiently. Therefore, they have higher blood alcohol concentrations after drinking than younger people. This puts them at greater risk of alcohol-related diseases. Besides, older people are also more likely to use a prescription drug with alcohol. Many of these drugs interact with alcohol, causing dangerous side effects.

Alcoholism Treatment & Sobriety

Alcoholism treatment in New York or out-of-state usually involves:

  1. Detoxification: This is the first step in alcohol addiction recovery. Due to the potential for serious and potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms. Many times, alcohol detox is medically assisted for maximum comfort during the process. Your therapist will administer drugs to help alleviate the painful side effects of withdrawal.
  2. Rehabilitation: Inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab is the next step depending on your needs. Inpatient rehab is an intensive treatment program that requires you to live in the rehab facility for a certain period, usually from 30 to 90 days. Outpatient rehab allows recovering alcoholics to participate in a recovery program while continuing with their daily life.
  3. Maintenance: The recovery process does not end with the completion of rehab. Long-term sobriety requires ongoing involvement in support groups, counseling, and other interventions. These will ensure you maintain sobriety and live a healthier lifestyle.

Alcoholism Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol has a depressive effect on the brain. It slows down brain function and communication between nerves. Over time, an alcoholic’s central nervous system adjusts to having alcohol around all the time. It has to work hard to keep the brain in a more awake state and to keep your nerves talking to one another. When the alcohol level suddenly drops, it causes withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range from mild to serious, including:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Anorexia
  • Headache
  • Unusual heartbeat rate
  • Hallucinations
  • Delirium tremens (DT’s)

Finding Alcohol Treatment in New York

You do not have to suffer from alcohol addiction in silence. There are many treatment options available to help you overcome alcohol abuse and achieve long-term sobriety. At Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery, we are committed to finding you the New York alcohol rehab facility that fits your needs. Each treatment plan is personalized and includes medical detox along with group therapy and counseling.

Addiction Resources for New York

Residents of New York searching for addiction help now have plenty of resources to fight substance abuse. Our team of professionals is here to guide and support you during this difficult time. We work with a variety of Hudson Valley addiction treatment programs personalized to fit your needs:

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