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Are you searching for an Oxford Health covered drug and alcohol rehab program for yourself or a loved one? Reach out for help now and begin the recovery process.

Oxford Health Drug Rehabs in NY

Dealing with addiction to drugs or alcohol can be an overwhelming experience. This is especially true when considering the huge costs involved in seeking professional help for a loved one or yourself. We are connected with Oxford Health drug rehabs in NY and out-of-state to offer real solutions for families affected by substance abuse.

As a result of active addiction, many individuals have allowed finances to get in the way of seeking help. If you or someone you love is currently struggling with substance abuse, you’ll be happy to know that your Oxford Health insurance may be able to cover your addiction treatment expenses.

Does Oxford Health Cover Drug Addiction Treatment?

Oxford Health considers substance use disorder as a behavioral health issue and thus provides some form of coverage for drug rehabilitation services. In determining the amount of coverage that you will receive, Oxford Health usually considers factors such as:

  • Your type of plan
  • Your rehab care provider
  • Your location
  • The duration of your inpatient residential stay

Typically, members who have met their co-pay and other fees qualify to receive significant coverage for their treatment expenses. It is always advisable to contact your Oxford Health representative to know the details of your coverage. Some patients have been hit with surprising medical bills only after they had completed treatment at a facility. Incidents like this can usually be avoided if you seek clarity ahead of time. As an addiction resource center for Oxford Health drug rehab in NY, we are able to connect you with the best drug rehabs that fit your situation.

Oxford Health Covered Addiction Treatment Centers

There are many Oxford Health covered addition treatment centers, the trick is in finding the right one that suits your situation. Oxford Health insurance policy includes coverage for a wide array of mental health concerns, including drug and alcohol addiction.

Generally, Oxford Health covers the following types of addiction rehabilitation services:

Again, it is best to know way ahead of time what is included in your plan and what is not. With Oxford Health, the more expensive your plan is, the more extensive the nature of coverage you can expect to receive. While some plans have a limited number of visits per calendar year, others allow unrestricted visits for the duration of your plan.

Will Out-Of-Network Drug Rehab Be Covered?

Oxford Health may provide coverage for rehabilitation services received at an out-of-network facility. However, you may bear more of your treatment expenses should you decide to do so. It’s best to contact us for a 100% confidential verification of your health insurance benefits for addiction treatment.

How Do I Determine My Benefits and How Much Coverage Can I Expect?

A number of variables come into place when determining how much coverage your Oxford Health policy offers and how much out-of-pocket expense to expect. Some plans will cover a fraction of your outpatient or inpatient rehab cost while others may provide 100% coverage.

In some instances, you may require pre-authorization before your benefits count. It is essential that you read and understand the intricacies of your insurance policy when planning a rehab program for yourself or a loved one. We are always here to connect you with the best Oxford Health drug rehab centers in NY and out-of-state.

At Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery, we know how hard it could be to wrap your head around the fine prints of an insurance policy at times like these. Dealing with addiction is hard enough, you do not have to add an extra burden on yourself.

If you wish, we can contact your insurance provider on your behalf and get your insurance verified at no extra charge to you. As the number one addiction resources and treatment placement in New York, we offer addiction treatment insurance coverage information as a way to assist our clients to begin their healing process without undue delays.

Upon contacting your insurance carrier, our experts will determine the following vital information:

  • The type of addiction treatment program that is covered by your plan
  • Whether or not you need prior approval before beginning your treatment program
  • The most suitable treatment program for your substance abuse problem and how much coverage you can expect to get
  • The projected out-of-pocket expenses you may be responsible for if any
  • The maximum length of inpatient rehab stay that is covered by your particular plan

Regain Your Happiness: Taking the Next Steps

Regaining your happiness after an episode with drug addiction is certainly a life-changing experience. Being clean again helps you regain the love and trust of your loved ones. In fact, nothing compares to the feelings of finding happiness not in drugs but in being able to live a sober life once again.

Happily, many addicts have been helped to break free from addiction long-term. This is possible only if you take the necessary steps. Once you are ready to make this life-transforming change, then reach us by phone call or by filling our online form.

We’ll be glad to connect you with an Oxford Health drug rehab in New York that will accept your health insurance policy. As a result of our good working relationship with many of the top-rated rehab facilities in New York, we are able to make recommendations based on our personal assessment of your peculiar need.

Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery will never recommend a facility that does not meet up with our own standard. We are happy when our clients receive the help they need and deserve. Best of all, we are happy to get you started without needing to pay a huge cost out-of-pocket.