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Interventionists in the Hudson Valley Area

Addiction changes a person on two fronts. First, it messes them up physically and includes the observable signs of addiction. It also changes the person psychologically resulting from changes in normal brain chemistry. Thus, people who are addicted find it very difficult to put anything other than their drug behavior into perspective. As addiction begins to eat deep into the addict’s physical, mental, financial, and professional lives as well as relationships, it also affects their loved ones.

Helping someone who is addicted goes beyond genuine words of encouragement and most people are ill-equipped to help someone recover from addiction. Merely searching for information on the internet is not enough either. It is important to have a professional who has the experience and expertise to help you find care for your loved one who is struggling with addiction.

These professionals are called interventionists. They guide the friends and family members of an addict on how to achieve a “moment of clarity” without making the addict feel “ganged up on.” Their roles in helping your loved one achieve long-term sobriety while helping you deal with your feelings cannot be understated.

What is an Intervention?

Watching a loved one struggle with the physical and psychological effects of addiction is overwhelming. It is even more upsetting to watch them decline to receive help for their addictive behaviors even as they are oblivious to how their addiction affects you. This is why most family members of an addict struggle with feelings of resentment and helplessness as they watch the impact of addiction upon their lives. These negative emotions are normal and you do not have to go through them alone.

A band-aid solution to help a loved one who is addicted is to wait until they hit “rock bottom.” This approach holds that when an addict’s life has been adversely affected by addiction, they would desperately enter rehab or seek help. Really, this amounts to punishing the addict because addiction is a disease and not a series of bad life choices. Thus, helping those afflicted with addiction, rather than punishing them paves a better road to recovery.

An intervention is a process by which the loved ones of an addict (family, colleagues and friends), with the aid of a professional Hudson Valley interventionist, can show a person struggling with drug addiction the negative impact of the disease in their life and how it affects those who care for them.

What is an Interventionist and How Can they Help You?

Interventionists are mental health professionals. However, unlike regular mental health professionals, they are unique and specialists at what they do. An interventionist can:

  • Teach you how to safely confront someone suffering from an addiction
  • Teach you how to help that person consider treatment options
  • Help you identify support systems in a person’s life
  • Help you deal with how your loved one’s addiction has affected you.

Confronting an addict alone can make matters worse and the addict may vehemently reject any form of help. An interventionist is essential to staging a successful intervention. He or she trains you before the intervention, observes and guides the intervention and often controls the flow of the discussion to ensure that charged emotions are kept at bay on both sides. The intervention aims to ensure the addict understands that their addiction to drugs is considered a medical illness like any other and not a moral failing and that their loved ones desire to see them live a healthier life.

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There is no one-size-fits-all plan for staging an intervention. Interventionists work with you to help convince a loved one to start rehab by developing and refining an intervention strategy. The strategy is deployed under their guidance to achieve maximum impact and the desired outcome. They also prepare you to handle possible intense moments during the intervention.

While intervention is indispensable to helping your loved one take the first step to recovery, it is not the end. The bulk of the work lies ahead through recovery and support in a comprehensive rehab program.

Addiction Resources for Hudson Valley

Residents the Husdon Valley area searching for addiction help now have plenty of resources to fight substance abuse. Our team of professionals is here to guide and support you during this difficult time. We work with a variety of Hudson Valley addiction treatment programs personalized to fit your needs:

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