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Recovery Coaches in the Hudson Valley

Discussing important recovery issues with someone whose opinions are completely unbiased gives a new outlook and provide perspective into what matters. If you are in treatment or recovery from substance abuse, recovery coaching comes in handy. A New York recovery coach is a professional who provides invaluable support for people who have fought substance addiction and would like to stay focused on their recovery goals. They have professional insight and experience to help recovering addicts make smart choices and healthy decisions.

Why Do I Need a Recovery Coach?

A recovery coach is like an insurance policy against relapse. In rehab programs, you are provided with a safe structured environment to detox, learn and develop healthy habits free of drugs. However, the most troubling times for a recovering addict is often the first 90 days after leaving treatment. Recovery coaches help the recovering client navigate the turbulent days of early sobriety.

On returning to their former environment, they are exposed to previous triggers and the realities of life such as job or academic pressures, family tension, and financial responsibilities. All of these can be overwhelming and the coping skills learned in rehab may become insufficient.

A recovery coach will help you recognize your strengths — like resourcefulness, creativity, and resilience — and help you channel them to overcome challenges. They also regularly remind you that recovery is worth the hard work.

Is a Recovery Coach a Glorified Sponsor?

Sponsors are members of support groups or 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, who have more experience navigating recovery from addiction. They rely on their personal experience and are not paid professionals because they also benefit from helping you maintain sobriety. A sponsor normally works with you through the support program by using the steps and traditions they have already gone through.

On the other hand, a recovery coach is not limited to using the steps and traditions of a typical support program. In this regard, the focus of the coach goes beyond the past to help you live a healthy and sustainable sober life. Unlike sponsors, recovery coaches are not affiliated with any support program nor do they promote a particular path to recovery.

Is a Recovery Coach Like My Therapist?

Traditional therapists typically help a person identify past feelings, triggers, and stressors that influenced their addiction. Therapists can also make diagnoses and meet with you in planned clinical therapy sessions. On the other hand, a recovery coach is not a clinician and does not diagnose or specifically treat addiction or mental health issues. Instead, they work to ensure that life does not make you lose focus of long-term sobriety. A recovery coach is not a substitute for a therapist.

Finding a Recovery Coach in NY

Coaches differ from personal helpers such as friends and family because they do not have a personal stake in the choices you make. Coaches are not affected by what you do or not do in the way family and friends are. That makes them more objective, unbiased and impartial in dealing with you. They are not influenced by your past nor have preconceived ideas about who you are. Coaches take you just as you are right now and help you figure out how you would like to be different in your new life.

If you or a loved one would like to benefit from the immense help a recovery coach would give you, we can help. At Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery, our partner Recovery Coaches will ensure you receive the best support for long-term recovery. The journey begins with a conversation with our experienced addiction experts and Hudson Valley recovery coaches.

Addiction Resources for Hudson Valley

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