Accepted Insurance

Most treatment centers accept health insurance to make rehabilitation affordable for those that are unable to pay out-of-pocket. Find out more about addiction treatment coverage.

What Health Insurance Do Rehabs Work With?

When it comes to addiction treatment, having health insurance is a big advantage. Hudson Valley drug rehabs collaborate with all of the major health insurance companies to provide men, women, and families with quality substance abuse treatment. When you’re addicted, having to worry about the costs of treatment should be the last thing on your mind. Instead, you should focus on getting better and entering the world of recovery. Health insurance provides this opportunity by covering all or a portion of your rehab costs. If you have health insurance and are interested in verifying your addiction treatment coverage, please contact us for a 100% insurance benefits check. Along with many other health insurance plans, we work with drug rehabs in the Hudson Valley that accept the following insurance:

Addiction Treatment Coverage Information

Your health insurance should always have some level of coverage for behavioral health which includes addiction treatment. If you’re not sure about all the details of your plan, we can explain everything to you in an easy to understand way. Our addiction professionals have years of experience in navigating the different coverage levels of the most health insurance plans, and we work hand-in-hand with providers to advocate for your drug rehab coverage. We are only a phone call away from helping you make an informed decision on choosing the right drug treatment center.

What if you don't have health insurance for drug rehab?

If you don’t have health insurance to help cover the financial obligations of drug rehab, your situation is not hopeless. Many addiction treatment centers offer sliding-scale payment plans, and there are government funded facilities (with a limited number of beds) that accept men/women without health insurance. Also, if you’re on Medicare, there may be programs available to you. Additionally, even premier drug rehabs that accept private health insurance offer a set number of scholarships to men and women in need of substance abuse treatment that don’t have the means of paying for it. It’s always best to contact us so we can connect you or a loved one with the most appropriate Hudson Valley drug rehab that fits your personalized situation.