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Being a member of EmblemHealth gives you access to medical treatment regardless of your financial challenges. Start healing from addiction now.

GHI Emblem Health Drug Rehab Centers

If you are struggling with addiction and have GHI insurance, the cost of your addiction treatment can be covered without paying out of your pocket. Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery has partnered with GHI drug rehab centers to provide cutting-edge substance abuse treatment to those with an insurance plan. GHI and Emblem Health addiction treatment programs focus on an evidence-based approach in their treatment plans because it offers the best chance for long-term sobriety.

What Is GHI Addiction Treatment Coverage?

GHI (Group Health Incorporated), now referred to as EmblemHealth, is a not-for-profit health insurance provider that provides health insurance for those with financial challenges while suffering from behavioral health problems which include substance abuse disorders. GHI provides top-quality health insurance plans for individuals that need drug rehab, dental, behavioral, or vision services.

Will GHI Cover My Drug Rehab?

We recommend the best GHI drug rehab centers that are personalized to fit your unique situation. Our addiction professionals work with your insurance provider to handle the costs of your treatment. We will connect you to the right GHI covered rehab centers that cover the following levels of addiction treatment:

  • Medical Detox

Medical detox is the first step of treatment that is being carried out by many drug rehab centers. It is a recovery process that is executed in a monitored environment by a skilled team of clinical experts. Since it is an important part of the recovery process, we will connect you to GHI covered rehab centers that offer medical detoxification.

  • Outpatient Rehab

When it comes to outpatient drug treatment, it is designed to enable clients to receive structured drug treatment while they go about their recovery without interfering with their day-to-day activities. This form of treatment will provide you with the right support and also teaches the appropriate skills that are needed to overcome addiction and avoid relapse.

  • Aftercare Support

Regardless of the level of addiction care, you receive at a GHI drug treatment center, you can expect GHI to cover some of the costs associated with aftercare support. Aftercare services go a long way in helping recovering addicts to transition smoothly back into society.

The best GHI drug treatment centers

With your GHI insurance, you can come to one of our recommended GHI drug rehab centers to get a new lease on life. Our drug treatment programs are uniquely designed to align with your needs. You’ll receive benefits that will improve your life that include:

  • A distraction-free environment
  • Personalized clinical attention
  • Respect for patients’ privacy
  • Specialized drug treatment services
  • Relapse prevention planning

If you’re interested in finding the best GHI drug treatment centers, please contact us and one of our specialists will available to provide a free verification of your insurance benefits.

Begin Your Recovery With GHI Insurance Benefits!

At Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery, we can help you begin your journey to recovery after being addicted to drugs or alcohol. As a result of our collaboration with GHI and EmblemHealth, we will provide you with the drug rehab treatment services you or a loved one need to overcome drug addiction. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you achieve a full and long-lasting recovery.