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Drug rehab for men in New York is available to assist those that are struggling with substance abuse from an early age. Reach out for help around the clock.

Drug Rehab for Men in New York

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, men are more likely to abuse illicit and prescription drugs. More men end up in the emergency room or die due to drug overdose than women. Early exposure to drugs is one of the reasons someone may continue using those drugs. Young men are also more likely to be offered alcohol and illicit drugs by their parents or other males who are relatives, acquaintances, or strangers.

Why Drugs Affect Men Differently

Are you searching for the best drug rehab for men in New York for yourself or a loved one? There are many reasons why men can become more severely addicted to drugs. Some include:

  1. Early exposure: The earlier a person starts taking drugs, the more their growth and development suffers. Men who become strongly addicted later in life start when they are younger and continue taking the illicit substances until late in life.
  2. Peer pressure: Drug use usually begins as a way to fit in with peers. This results in social promotion. With time, stronger drugs or higher doses are needed to maintain peer approval. This ultimately leads to severe mental, physical, and emotional problems long after the acceptance phase has passed.
  3. Environmental stress: The stress of providing for a family and living up to the societal view of men can prove overwhelming. In this regard, the drug is seen as a confidence booster.

Why You Should Choose a Men’s Only Rehab

  1. Community: Men are often brought up to be strong and remain unemotional. They are often expected to be independent, self-sufficient, stoic, and invulnerable. Asides are breaking the addiction cycle; you also connect with fellow men who understand the pain you are going through. You will see other men are in the same position as they are, and engage in conversations with those who have broken free from the cycle.
  2. Staff Experience: Staff at male-only rehab programs have experience working with recovering men and understand the unique challenges of treatment and recovery that they face. For example, because men tend to be very goal-oriented, staff may focus on regularly reviewing with patients their next steps and ways they can prepare. They may also help to emphasize the freedom of choice, even when there are few options.
  3. No Judgment: Stigma is the greatest barrier to finding help. A man may feel less judged in a men-only rehab center than in a mixed-gender setting. This uniqueness can help a man lower his guard and allow real healing to happen.

What to Expect in Addiction Treatment

Treatment often starts with medical detox under supervision. Supervision is necessary because withdrawal can be particularly painful. Your therapist may recommend medications that can ease the discomfort and cravings.

Once the withdrawal period has been successfully managed, you will begin therapy, which is the main part of a successful rehab. You will likely attend both individual and group therapy sessions during your rehabilitation.

Your therapist may utilize more than one type of therapy, depending on your needs. Men generally respond well to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). In CBT, the therapist works with you to identify the harmful thoughts and behaviors responsible for addiction. These harmful thoughts or beliefs are replaced with healthy coping mechanisms.

Treatment Methods Used in Rehab for Men

The best men’s drug rehabs in New York use an integrated treatment approach that combines a variety of treatments and therapies, such as:

  1. Behavioral therapy: Behavioral therapies target negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that cause drug abuse. Psychotherapy sessions are done in a group or individual setting. These sessions help men confront and overcome beliefs or circumstances in their life that may be linked to addiction. These could include domestic violence, grief, and loss.
  2. Family therapy and counseling: Family therapy is important for successful treatment during and after rehab. These counseling sessions educate family members and help them heal from rifts caused by drug addiction.
  3. Medication-assisted therapy: Medications are used in conjunction with behavioral therapies to treat both the physical and psychological addiction.
  4. Anger management sessions: Men frequently struggle with anger issues. An inability to manage anger can be a major trigger for relapse.
  5. Life-skills training: Drug addiction can make it difficult for a man to take care of himself, hold a job, or handle responsibilities. Life-skills training is designed to help men gain greater stability after rehab. Parenting classes and job-skills training may be offered.

Finding a Rehab for Men in New York

Some people cite proximity to a men’s drug treatment center in New York as a motivating factor in seeking addiction treatment. If you reside within the New York area, you can access the best drug rehab for men without having to travel out of state.

Our resources at Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery are structured to guarantee long-term recovery. With the support of empathetic addiction experts, you can always get back your life. To get started, call our helpline today.

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