Suboxone Addiction

Suboxone is often used for opioid addiction management, but you can quickly become dependent on it as well, or use it to get high. If you are searching for Suboxone addiction treatment in NY or out-of-state, our recovery specialists are here to assist you.

Suboxone Addiction Treatment in New York

The sales of prescription opioids in the United States is four times what it used to be a decade ago. Not only had that, but overdose deaths have also quadrupled compared to twenty years ago. The greatest increases were observed in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southern states of America. New York is among the worst-hit states in this epidemic.

Drug overdose deaths today exceed motor vehicle accidents and gunshot wounds as the leading cause of preventable mortality. Over 60 percent of avoidable deaths in America are somehow linked to opioids, causing the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to raise the threat-level of opioids to “epidemic.” This placed it at par with communicable epidemics such as tuberculosis, flu, and Ebola.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is an FDA-approved drug that has been widely used to manage opiate addiction and withdrawal symptoms. It contains a combination of two drugs – buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is an opioid medication or narcotic, while Naloxone blocks the effects of opioids, including pain relief or feelings of euphoria. Although it is a safer alternative to methadone, which is becoming a contributor to an overwhelming opioid abuse epidemic, Suboxone is still addictive.

The medication is usually available in tablet form, which at first glance, looks like any other small white pill. Today, it exists as strips – the shape and size of postage stamps – that can be placed under the tongue. This sublingual film dissolves completely in about one minute. Sales of Suboxone in 2013 alone was close to 2 million USD, with close to 9 million prescriptions written last year alone.

How to Get Off Suboxone

Medications such as Suboxone are synthesized to treat opioid addiction through Drug Replacement Therapy (DRT). Moreover, because they contain an opioid, they can easily become habit-forming or addicting. Getting off Suboxone is no feat to embark on alone. You will need the help of professionals in a successful detox program. Detox usually involves tapering off Suboxone use to rid the body of traces of the drug. It is done under the supervision of experienced therapists.

Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms from Suboxone are typical of most strong opioids. Suboxone withdrawal symptoms are a combination of uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms, some of which can linger for several weeks. They include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Sweating
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Runny nose
  • Muscle aches
  • Anxiety

Treatment Options for Suboxone Dependence

Bear in mind that drug detox alone is not the answer to getting off Suboxone. This is because it is an intervention that does not treat the underlying addiction. While a few people will benefit more from detox alone, many will need to commit to further treatment after completing detox.

These treatment options include psychotherapy in an inpatient or outpatient setting, followed by routine check-ups. During inpatient treatment, you will commit to getting better in a facility where staff provides round-the-clock care and support. On the other hand, outpatient treatment involves scheduled visits with your therapist where behavioral therapy sessions and/or group meetings help to treat the underlying addiction. Thus, having a good and open relationship with your therapist during and after detox will get you the best New York Suboxone Addiction Treatment and set you on the track for long-term sobriety.

Find Suboxone Addiction Treatment in NY

The unprecedented rise in prescriptions of opioid pain pills, explosive use, abuse, and dependence has swept this country. Deaths from overdoses of opioid prescription medications have far exceeded those of heroin for over fifteen years. In 2017, there were 3,224 opioid overdose deaths­­­ in New York alone.

Of course, no one plans to get addicted. As there are many variables surrounding addiction, it is not your fault. However, one cannot say the same for declining to get help. While getting addicted is not within your control, a sober drug-free life that you desire is just one call away.

MidHudson Addiction Recovery is committed to helping you overcome barriers to your recovery and getting the best in-town treatment. We are always available to discuss your need for a suitable addiction treatment program at the top centers within our network. Dial our addiction helpline to get started on finding the best Suboxone addiction treatment in NY or out-of-state.

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Residents of New York searching for addiction help now have plenty of resources to fight substance abuse. Our team of professionals is here to guide and support you during this difficult time. We work with a variety of Hudson Valley addiction treatment programs personalized to fit your needs:

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