Therapy Approaches

Therapies for Substance Use Disorders are conducted by trained and licensed therapists in a rehabilitation setting. Get the help you need today to recover.

Substance Abuse Treatment in the Hudson Valley

Addiction treatment therapies offer the best chance for addicts and alcoholics to recover safely. Many drug rehabs in New York and throughout the country offer various substance abuse treatment approaches, depending on the needs of each individual patient. A group-driven approach to healing addictions is proven to offer the best chance for long-term recovery. Studies show the therapeutic effects of self-help groups and interpersonal process groups lead the pack when it comes to helping addicts and alcoholics in staying sober.

What are the most popular types of substance abuse treatment in the Hudson Valley? With countless drug rehabs throughout the area, it’s important to pick the right one that offers the services needed for you or a loved one to get better.

Addiction Therapies for New York Residents

If you or a loved one are affected by substance abuse, there are many therapies for New York residents at your disposal. Let’s go over the most popular approaches to substance abuse treatment in the Hudson Valley.

  • Group Therapy – the gold standard of addiction treatment involves group therapy in a productive setting. These sessions are facilitated by trained therapists and counselors for maximum benefit. Group members are able to freely discuss among each other the similar struggles and problems faced during addiction. Everyone is able to relate to each other and find common ground on similar issues.
  • Individual Therapy – the opposite spectrum from group therapy is called individual therapy. During these sessions, they are intimate and one-on-one in a private setting for the maximum comfort of each patient. Without the pressures of a group, patients have an easier time of opening up to past trauma and other issues related to substance abuse. Individual counseling sessions are a great way to reap the therapeutic benefits of addiction treatment.
  • Medication Assisted (MAT) – Medication-assisted treatment plays a major role in preventing relapse and help recovering addicts stay clean for longer periods. Over the years, medications that are more effective have been developed to aid in addiction treatment. These medications supplement other interventions and are based on the severity of the addiction.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – CBT for short, this form of therapy teaches addicts and alcoholics to change their thoughts and behaviors when it comes to addiction. By increasing awareness on how feelings and actions impact your personal recovery, it allows for healing the underlying causes of substance abuse.
  • Co-occurring Disorders – A variety of different combinations of substance abuse and mental health disorders are possible. Each is unique in its way. However, certain combinations tend to be more prevalent. Our recommended rehab centers offer treatment for co-occurring disorders in New York and out-of-state.
  • Vivitrol Therapy – The FDA has an approved drug called Vivitrol for the treatment of opiate addiction. Vivitrol has proven effectiveness in helping individuals who are addicted to opiates such as heroin, fentanyl, morphine, and other prescription pain killers like Vicodin or Oxycodone to achieve long-lasting recovery from their addiction.