We work with NYSHIP drug rehab programs that offer addiction treatment for New York residents that are part of the New York State Health Insurance Program.

NYSHIP Drug Rehab Programs

Families dealing with a drug addiction problem are often stretched beyond their financial abilities. For one thing, sustaining a drug habit for any length of time can be very expensive. In order to keep up the habit, addicts go to great lengths, that include criminal acts, to finance their drug addictions. Substance abuse drains resources that would have otherwise been going towards productive activities.

Even when they realize that they need help, addicts often live in denial or think that they cannot afford the cost of seeking professional help. If you or a loved one are affected by substance abuse, we want you to know that help is readily available. Hundreds of people just like you have been able to break free from the grips of drug addiction without financial involvement on their part.

About NYSHIP Insurance

The New York State Health Insurance Program (also known as Empire Plan) was established in 1957 to provide employees in New York State with access to top-notch and affordable healthcare services. NYSHIP is one of the leading health insurance providers in the U.S, providing comprehensive insurance coverage for over 1.2 million local and state government employees and their families. NYSHIP is an Empire Plan that provides benefits for substance abuse treatment as well as other general health concerns.

NYSHIP Covered Addiction Treatment Centers

NYSHIP health insurance provides comprehensive coverage for a broad range of mental health issues including substance use disorders. NYSHIP operates at the same standard as your regular Empire Plan, with the level of addiction care varying significantly across insurance plans.

At Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery, we assist New Yorkers struggling with drug abuse and alcoholics that are part of the Empire Plan drug rehab network. If you need help understanding what is covered or not covered under your plan, then speak with one of our professionals right away.

The Empire Plan Mental Health and Substance Abuse Program provide members coverage for NYSHIP drug rehab services obtained at in-network facilities as well as non-participating facilities. By having a clear picture of services afforded by your plan and those not covered, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises after your treatment.

Drug Rehabs That Take NYSHIP Insurance

Generally, your NYSHIP insurance offers extensive coverage for the following levels of care:

  1. Medical Detox: This is usually done as the first step in your recovery program. The purpose of medically-assisted drug detox is to rid your body of harmful drugs and alcohol. Trying to detox on your own is never recommended, as it could lead to lethal consequences.
  2. Inpatient rehab services: Typically, your NYSHIP insurance provides some degree of coverage for your inpatient NYSHIP drug rehab stays. Again, the maximum number of days covered will depend on the type of membership you are signed up for. Once we have determined that your inpatient rehab program is a medical necessity, we will then link you up with a drug rehab that takes NYSHIP insurance.
  3. Outpatient rehab services: Almost all of NYSHIP’s plans provide some form of coverage for outpatient drug rehab programs. As an NYSHIP member, you should expect full or partial coverage for your rehab care expenses.

When it comes to addiction treatment services, NYSHIP generally provides coverage for the following services:

  • Ambulance services
  • Family/Group counseling sessions
  • Outpatient therapy programs
  • Emergency services
  • Day and Night Treatment Programs: Your NYSHIP may be able to pay for your day and night rehab program. However, you may need to be pre-approved before you can enjoy whatever benefit is accruable to your plan. To know the extent of your coverage, it is advisable to contact us for an insurance benefits check.
  • Follow-up services: After your NYSHIP drug rehab program, it is expected that you return to your family and job. As you do so, you are likely to encounter temptations and have a challenge in coping with your cravings. The purpose of follow-up services is to give you the necessary support to cope with post-acute withdrawal symptoms and triggers that could lead to a relapse. Your NYSHIP insurance will likely cover for this level of care or reduce your out-of-pocket expenses substantially.

How to Find NYSHIP Approved Drug Rehab Centers

There are many drug rehab facilities providing recovery services for New York residents with an Empire Plan. Finding the most reliable NYSHIP drug treatment center that will work with you is not always easy. This is especially true when your family is being torn apart by your addiction problem.

Ideally, you would want an Empire Plan drug rehab facility that will provide the best treatment option that is easy to follow. Also, you will want a treatment center that will help reduce your treatment cost by accepting your NYSHIP insurance.

If you are looking for an NYSHIP drug rehab program in New York, either for yourself or a loved one, then get in touch with us right away. Here at Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery, we help individuals and their families find the best rehab facility that meets their unique circumstances. Before we recommend any rehab program, we first make sure that they comply with our own highly set standards.

When you contact us, we will first like to know a bit about your addiction history. We will also consider other factors such as your location, family obligations, employment and duration of your drug dependence.

With that clearly in mind, we will then proceed with a free-of-cost verification of your insurance benefits and link you up with a rehab facility that meets your specific needs. As the leading NYSHIP drug rehab placement resource for residents of the Hudson Valley, we ensure that our clients get only the best care from some of the top-rated rehab facilities.