Cocaine Treatment in Newburgh, New York

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Cocaine Treatment in Newburgh, New York

Cocaine is not a new drug. Chewing the leaves of the plant was a common practice among soldiers and workers who relied on its stimulating effects to increase their endurance. However, the amount of cocaine in the leaves, when chewed, is quite small. The effect is similar to drinking several cups of strong coffee. Thus, the prevalence of addiction among coca leaf chewers was lower compared to what we face in America today.

The size of the coca leaf quid that can be chewed comfortably releases only a small amount of cocaine at a time. This is much less than what is present in the powdered or crystallized form in modern recreational use. Cocaine powder today is usually snorted. This presents some uncertainties about the purity of the cocaine and adds to other risks associated with cocaine use, especially addiction. One can never be exactly certain of what is in the powder since most dealers cut it with other substances to increase profits. 

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

One does not start using cocaine with the sole intent to become addicted but the neurobiological effect of the powerful stimulant cocaine causes this. Although cocaine is powerful, it acts very rapidly and wears off just as fast. This causes a user to reuse several times and in increasing quantities to sustain the effects of the high. Before long, addiction sets in and a person becomes chemically dependent on cocaine.

Treatment for cocaine addiction is quite complex and there is currently no drug recommended for medication-assisted treatment (MAT), unlike many opioids. Thus, it is important to commit to a treatment center where experienced specialists who have successfully treated others for years can help you achieve sobriety.

The intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms that accompany addiction to cocaine are intense and infamous, especially with long-term abuse. Although there is hope for people who have relapsed or sought treatment before, getting into rehab early is key to beating the problem.

Generally, the approaches used to treat cocaine addiction include detox, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and group therapy. There are other more specific approaches but these are recommended on a personal basis because everyone faces addiction differently. Besides, there is a support system for people who have successfully beaten cocaine to encourage them to stay sober.

FindTreatment for Cocaine Addiction in Newburgh, NY

Finding treatment for cocaine addiction can be challenging especially since centers differ in their approach to treatment. We understand this difficulty in finding a best-fit and so we have collaborated with treatment centers with strong records in successfully helping chemically-dependent people kick drug addiction.

The annual number of people struggling with cocaine is about 900,000 according to country statistics. However, statistics only give a numerical perspective on the extent of abuse; they are no substitute for talking about the personal side of addiction.

Let us help you access the best cocaine treatment programs in Newburgh NY and out-of-state. If you also have other questions before committing, we are always available to discuss your plans.

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