Addiction Treatment in New City, NY

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Addiction Treatment in New City, NY

New City is a hamlet in the suburb of New York City. Located in the town of Clarkson in Rockland County, New City is home to about 35,000 residents. It ranks third among the best places to live in Rockland County and New York. Life in New City has a sparse suburban feel; most residents own their homes, and many retirees prefer to live here.

Overall, New City is a prospering residential place. It is far enough from but close enough to the main city to offer a quieter suburban experience. This makes it very appealing for residents to live, raise their families, and still be close to job opportunities. Nevertheless, New City has had its unfair share of the drug epidemic. Rockland County reported 80 deaths for opioid overdose alone in 2017. This indicated a 56% increase in opioid-related deaths since 2003.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that about 22 million Americans need treatment for various substance addiction. That figure represents about 1 in 10 adults. The most commonly abused substances in New York include Marijuana, Cocaine, Alcohol, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Demerol, Percocet, LSD, Librium, and Suboxone. 

Addiction Treatment Approach

New City addiction treatment helps people to stop compulsive substance (drug and/or alcohol) seeking and use. Treatment differs from people and the nature of addiction. It can occur in a variety of settings, take many different forms, and last for different lengths of time. This is because drug addiction is a chronic disorder that is characterized by occasional relapses. Thus, short-term, one-time treatment is usually not the answer to long-lasting recovery.

To help you achieve long-lasting freedom from addiction, multiple interventions and regular monitoring are important. Treatment for drug addiction is multi-faceted. For example, if you are addicted to prescription drugs used to manage a pre-existing medical condition, treatment will be administered to break the addiction and find a safer alternative. A successful program often uses one or a combination of the following approaches to treatment.

  1. Detoxification: also called Detox or withdrawal therapy. It enables the drug taker to stop taking the substance as quickly and safely as possible. Detox is medically supervised to minimize withdrawal symptoms, which can be potentially fatal.
  2. Medication-assisted therapy (MAT): MAT uses FDA-approved drugs to manage withdrawal symptoms, prevent relapse, or treat any co-occurring mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety, which may be present with your addiction. MAT is not a stand-alone treatment but combined with other approaches. This ensures that you get the best from addiction recovery.
  3. Psychotherapy or behavioral counseling: Many treatment programs employ both individual and group therapies. Group therapy provides a strong social community. It enforces behaviors that promote abstinence and a drug-free lifestyle. Individual psychotherapy will help to identify the root cause of addiction. It also exposes the stressors or triggers. Your therapist will recommend the best psychotherapy approach for you.
  4. Follow-up: Recovery and life after addiction treatment are about making the right choices. After treatment, you will be faced with old and familiar temptations. Usually, people who knew you as a substance abuser will expect you to return to your old habits. Thus, getting support and encouragement from your recovery community goes a long way in helping stay clean. Routine checks and long-term follow-up will help to prevent relapse and maintain sobriety.

New City Drug Treatment Centers Near You

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is a complex brain disease. It will also take more than willpower to kick the habit. Here are some addiction treatment programs:

  1. Residential treatment: Residential describe the setting of treatment where a recovering addict lives on-site at the treatment center. Depending on the severity of the addiction, residential treatment may last from a 28-day program to last from days to a few months. Typically, the treatment program is ideal for people who are just starting recovery and may have never been to treatment before.
  2. Outpatient treatment: The major focus of outpatient treatment is relapse prevention. It is a lower level of care compared to residential, with the most significant difference being the client lives at home during outpatient. This program is perfect for patients who need to go on with their everyday lives while making efforts to stay clean.
  3. Partial hospitalization (PHP): PHP, also known as day hospital, is for people who require ongoing addiction treatment or monitoring but have commitments they cannot fully abandon. A very structured day program provides several hours of therapy and skill-building groups each day. You will participate in daily routine treatment, but you will go back home each night.
  4. Sober living homes: Living in a sober house normally follows an intensive treatment program such as residential treatment. During and after addiction treatment, choosing a safe living environment to recover is very important. Sober living homes are one option that allows you to recover in a safe place with others in similar situations. They help you to transition back into the community. You will also learn to live independently without the use of substances.

Find Addiction Treatment in New City, New York

By finding addiction treatment New City NY or out-of-state, you are investing in your health and future or a loved one. Thus, you must make the best choice for your addiction treatment without having to leave New City. Depending on the kind of addiction and intensity, you may need anything from 28-day residential addiction treatment to a sober living home.

Whether you need help recovering from substance addiction or have a loved one who does, our phone line is ready to take your call around the clock. We will be happy to discuss your personal needs for top-rated addiction treatment in New City, New York.

Addiction Resources in New City, NY

If you need help with drug abuse in New City, New York, then you need to choose the right drug rehab program. Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery has a wide network of drug rehab resources that will help you to find the right rehab centers and specialists. Don’t delay in getting the help you need, every day in active addiction makes it more difficult to stop using.

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