What Are the Real Facts About the Passing of DMX?

Popularly known as DMX (short form for ‘Dark Man X’), Earl Simmons was a famous hip-hop artist, songwriter, and actor. He was born in New York on December 18, 1970, and spent most of his life in the US. The renowned rapper began his music career in his twentieth year and released several albums within its thirty-year span. Notable best-selling albums of DMX are his 1999 album, ‘…And Then There Was X’, ‘Year of the Dog…Again’, released in 2006, and ‘Undisputed’, released in 2012.

On April 9, 2021, DMX was confirmed dead after battling the ugly aftermath of severe drug overdose for about one week.

What are the Facts About the Death of Rapper, DMX?

DMX's Drug Abuse Problems Started Early

DMX’s turbulent childhood possibly contributed to his drug addiction. The rapper grew up with an abusive single mother and had minimal interactions with his estranged father. As early as fourteen, the rapper had become addicted to crack cocaine and lived with this addiction all his life. Although he sought help in rehabilitation on different occasions, the outcomes were not long-lasting.

Shortly before his death, DMX was reported to have had multiple organ failures involving his lungs, liver, kidneys, and brain, having suffered a heart attack.

The Fallout of Drug Use and Addiction

If left unmanaged, substance use grows freely and soon metamorphoses into a monstrous malady that worsens the condition of addicted people. The best and most favorable time to treat addiction is at its onset. However, only a negligible number of substance-dependent people attempt this option. To delay seeking support from rehabilitation in dealing with an addiction is tantamount to embracing the numerous unfortunate effects of drug abuse.

In addition to interacting with the brain, drugs also affect the normal functioning of numerous organs in the body. These complex interactions account for the multi-organ dysfunction that often features in an overdose. From psychological disorders to heart diseases, kidney and liver problems, abusing or overdosing on drugs sometimes bring about fatal outcomes.

Find Sobriety Through Drug Treatment

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