Alcoholism Help in Hyde Park, NY

Alcoholism is the first step in seeking treatment for alcoholism. Reach out for help now and begin the alcoholism recovery process.

Alcoholism Help in Hyde Park, NY

The consumption of alcohol is deeply ingrained in American culture. The substance is present from birth to death and in all events in between. Alcohol was once used as a medium of exchange or payment for small services. For instance, attendants at funerals were customarily given a serving of rum. Today, Americans have come to accept that drinking in the company of loved ones is not only a social lubricant but also a social adhesive.

When strong evidence suggested that many Americans struggle with alcoholism, the government moved to help. President Roosevelt established the Federal Alcohol Control Administration and called for mass education on drinking responsibly. Nevertheless, alcohol remains a foremost concern among substances that cause chemical dependence in America. Now for men and women that need alcoholism help in Hyde Park, NY, the situation is no different than the rest of the country.

Hope for Overcoming Alcoholism

Alcoholism has become a major public health challenge in the United States. In New York, alcohol is a commonly abused substance. It is also a leading cause of preventable death in the state. Nevertheless, help is available for individuals struggling with alcoholism.

The first step in treatment is committing to a detoxification program. Detox is a residential program that is monitored by professional recovery specialists. The program focuses on removing accumulated toxic wastes due to alcohol from the body. This leads to a gradual recovery of the neurochemical balance that alcohol had upset. A typical New York alcohol detox lasts for about 2 weeks or more.

Detox is typically difficult due to withdrawal symptoms. These include nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, sweating, shaking hands or tremors as well as delirium. Other symptoms include insomnia, agitation, and irritability. Some of these symptoms are already visible in chronic alcoholics.

Depending on your needs, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) may be used to manage recovery. MAT utilizes FDA-approved drugs such as Buprenorphine to suppress withdrawal symptoms and helps transition an alcoholic to total sobriety. Further help for alcoholism continues in the form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT helps an individual identify the root cause of their chemical dependence and build the skills to maintain sobriety. Likewise, the individual in recovery will participate in group therapy with peers to encourage sobriety. This involves attending 12-step recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Find Help for Alcoholism in Hyde Park, New York

Alcoholism causes many problems. It could lead to multiple drug abuse if left unaddressed. If you are struggling with alcoholism, the time to seek help is now. With an individualized treatment, you can live a fulfilling sober life. The process may take some time the same way alcohol addiction takes time to build up in an individual. However, it will be worth it. The ultimate goal is to achieve solid sobriety that leaves no chance for relapse.

We understand that finding a treatment program is a lot of work. The factors that lead to chemical dependence is also unique to each person. Therefore, you need to find a program that is committed to your sobriety. Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery helps Hyde Park, New York residents find the best alcoholism program. For more information, call our recovery advocates today.

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