Rapper DMX Dies After Fatal Drug Overdose and Hospitalization

Rapper DMX Dies After Fatal Drug Overdose and Hospitalization

Latest Update: 04/09/2021

According to CNN, rapper, actor and producer DMX has passed away. The artist had been in coma for the past several days stemming from a drug overdose, possibly cocaine-related. Known for his gravitas voice and as the leader of his “Ruff Ryder” crew, DMX (real name Earl Simmons) had long battled with addiction to cocaine. His fans are already mourning the loss on social media. DMX was 50 only years old and is survived by 4 children from a relationship with his former wife, and possibly up to 11 other children and numerous grandchildren.

Has DMX Passed Away from a Drug Overdose?

Multiple news agencies are reporting that world-famous, platinum-selling rapper DMX is in critical condition after a drug overdose likely from cocaine abuse on Friday evening on the 2nd of April, 2021, in his home, so the drug overdose in White Plains, NY was discovered there. According to Insider.com reporting, we know that DMX is in a dire situation after a drug overdose, most likely from cocaine abuse. Rapper DMX is fighting for his life and is currently in a critical care united in a state at a hospital outside of New York City; it is unknown whether he will survive or not but according to sources the “prognosis does not look good.”

Information is also flowing in that he suffered a heart attack as result of the DMX drug overdose, is on life support, and possibly in a vegetative state which means there is limited brain activity. The effects of a cocaine overdose for DMX could cause lasting damage to his health, or worse. 

DMX Suffers an Overdose and is in Critical Condition

Rapper DMX Suffers a Drug Overdose and in Critical Condition

DMX is known for his gravitas voice and edgy lyrics from hit songs such as “X ‘gon give it to ya” and “slippin'” from the early 2000s. Although the rapper has been out of the mainstream news for some time, he has a dedicated fanbase that eagerly awaits new music and re-releases.

The musician has long been known to struggle with addiction since he first checked himself into rehab in 2009. Since then, DMX has had an up-and-down relationship with his drug of choice: cocaine. Since admitting that he had a problem with the drug more than 10 years ago, DMX, (real name Earl Simmons age 50) has checked himself into rehab multiple times and has had to cancel shows due to his addiction. Fans are reported to be in disbelief at the news of his overdose and hospitalization. News agencies aren’t reporting what drug is responsible for the rapper’s condition but the details from articles are consistent with an overdose of cocaine, most likely an injection of the substance.

Rapper DMX and Cocaine Addiction Have a Long History

According to the National Institute of Health about a study involving cocaine users, the peer-reviewed data and results concluded an unfortunate yet alarming trend:

Cocaine injectors were more likely to have overdosed (when compared to other narcotics). (NIH)

While that’s not always the case, the struggle that DMX had with drug addiction is well know and now a DMX drug overdose has put his health and life in jeopardy, leaving no room for lightheartedness in this very serious situation. Our addiction professionals at Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery are following the DMX drug overdose story closely because once again it underscores the severity of the substance abuse scourge that is sweeping throughout New York and the whole country.

Many Celebrities Struggle With Cocaine Addiction, Not Just DMX

DMX is not the only celebrity that has struggled with cocaine addiction lately. Comedian John Mulaney recently announced that he was also battling cocaine addiction and in rehab as of December. Other comedians such as Chris Farley and John Belushi lost their battle with cocaine addiction and unfortunately their lives. So why do celebrities seem to be attracted to cocaine? Well, there appears to be a stigma of glitz and glamour associated with the drug, and also the effects of cocaine help one to stay up to drink and party. A quick Google search results I’m endless articles about celebrities who have struggled with cocaine and drinking.

What About Cocaine Abuse Help for the Average Person?

Although cocaine use, overdose, and hospitalization seem to be down since its peak in America in the 1970s and 80s, it is still the second most used drug behind cannabis in the United States. They’re also studies that suggest that cocaine is being used at an earlier age and that experimentation with the drug seems to have less of a negative stigma with young people than it used to. Meanwhile, the dangers of the drug seem to be more apparent than ever with the news that we’ve gotten today involving DMX. If you or a loved one suffer from cocaine abuse and are in need of cocaine addiction treatment, we at Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery are here to help you on the path to sobriety. So you can live a much healthier and happier life. 

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