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Intensive Outpatient Rehab in New York

Inpatient rehab can be challenging for many although it provides the highest level of care. Even though it separates addicts from substances and triggers that may cause relapse, it is not always feasible because many recovering addicts have commitments. They find it difficult to put their lives on hold for an extended period without consequences.

Intensive outpatient rehab in New York or out-of-state is a treatment program that is perfect for patients who need to go on with their everyday lives while making efforts to stay sober. The program is designed to maximize treatment while still living at home and going to school or work.

What to Expect From Addiction Treatment

Intensive outpatient rehab manages substance addictions or dependencies that do not require detox or round-the-clock supervision. Upon enrolling, a treatment team will work with you to create a rehab plan based on evaluations and individual needs. While the recommended minimum duration of intensive outpatient rehab is 90 days, it can last up to a year.

New York intensive outpatient rehab comes with scheduled activities and services. These services focus on relapse prevention and developing healthy coping skills. They include:

  1. Group counseling: opens recovering addicts to an environment where people in similar situations provide support, comfort, and honest feedback. The community can also build healthy ways of social interaction. Experienced group members offer invaluable help and support to green recovering members.
  2. Refusal training: Refusal training uses role-playing exercises where recovering addicts rehearse how to handle temptations effectively.
  3. Family therapy: Helps to educate the family on the effects of substance addiction and to help mend rifts in relationships.
  4. Individual therapy: While individual therapy is not the primary form of treatment, it is often used as an adjunct service. It does not aim to uncover underlying issues that influence drug or alcohol abuse, but rather to correct negative behaviors.
  5. Medication therapy: is effective in encouraging abstinence by decreasing cravings, preventing or treating mental health problems that contribute to substance abuse. The therapist may also recommend anti-craving medication to support abstinence and manage sobriety outside of a structured setting.
  6. Detox: is recommended for those who are not at risk of experiencing severe and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.
  7. Matrix Model: is used to treat an addiction to stimulants, such as cocaine and methamphetamine. The therapist, who acts as a coach and teacher, creates an environment that promotes high self-esteem and self-regard.

Advantages of Intensive Outpatient Rehab

  1. Normal life: Most people are unable to uproot or suspend responsibilities for weeks to go through rehab. Intensive outpatient rehab affords the flexibility to maintain work or schooling responsibilities. While you may need to take some time off during the most intense periods of withdrawal, you will most likely be able to continue with your responsibilities.
  2. Support system: Isolation is a threat to overcoming substance addiction. A strong network of family and friends who want to see you sober form part of the program.
  3. Cost-effective: Generally, outpatient rehab is significantly less expensive than the inpatient alternative because it does not provide food or housing. The total cost will likely be under $10,000 while an inpatient alternative can cost four times as much.
  4. Community: Having a strong community of peers is invaluable for your long-term sobriety. The goal is that you experience community by meeting new people with the same struggle. An outpatient program integrates you into this community from day one. You will find a community of recovering addicts that fully understands what you are going through.

Finding an Intensive Outpatient Rehab in New York

There is no standard approach to treatment because no two patients are the same. Experience, personality, background, and diagnosis are considered in designing a rehab plan. Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery can help you find the best rehab program in New York. Therefore, if you reside within New York, finding a suitable Intensive Outpatient Rehab in New York or out-of-state should not be a barrier to your resolve to get sober.

Addiction Resources for New York

It’s never easy to overcome addiction. This baffling disease can take you down when you least expect it. However, there is always hope at the end of the tunnel if you’re committed to getting better. We offer addiction resources for New York residents affected by substance abuse. Please contact us around the clock for a confidential assessment and start enjoying the benefits of sobriety.

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