How Long Can You Stay Awake on Meth?

Methamphetamine, more commonly known as ‘meth,’ is a useful stimulant with the brand name Desoxyn. It acts on transporters in the brain, altering the release and uptake of neurotransmitters to effect changes that help improve focus or alertness in people.

How Does Methamphetamine Work?

Meth use is common among people who struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD). However, it is also misused by individuals who want to extend their work hours for greater productivity. For ADHD treatment, Meth acts by obstructing or eliminating sleep. The drug should be taken only as a prescription from certified professionals, often with concomitant adherence to dosage regimens.

How Long Can You Stay Awake on Meth?

Staying Awake on Methamphetamine

The effect of Meth on sleep varies widely across different individuals and may be dependent on the dosage of drug taken and the route used. Long-term use and drug dependence also affect how long Meth keeps one awake. 

Generally, the effect felt lasts from around six to eight hours at conventional, recommended doses. However, more extended periods of sleeplessness have also been reported.

The Fallouts of Meth Use and Misuse

Methamphetamines are highly addictive. It is common for individuals who use the drug to become tolerant, even after short-term use. When people become tolerant of a drug, they will need increasing doses of the drug to produce the same effects they had felt with lower doses. Withdrawal symptoms may also become evident.

Dependence and Tolerance For Meth

Meth tolerance and dependence can be avoided by strictly following recommendations from healthcare experts on how the drug should be used. Meth withdrawal can occur within a day after the last dose and feature symptoms such as fatigue, sleep problems, depression, and lack of concentration.

Using Meth is also associated with numerous side effects, including allergies. The common ones are nausea, amnesia, confusion, headache, hallucinations, and weight loss.

Dealing with Meth Abuse and Addiction in Rehab

Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery’s approach to helping you or your loved one deal with Meth abuse or addiction is unparalleled across the United States. We are renowned for our unique client-centered style that ensures you get the best-fit program for your addiction regardless of your substance use history, location, or budget.

The Recovery Therapists in our network possess a unique understanding of addiction that covers the abuse of Meth and related substances. Thus, you or your loved ones can rely on them to offer proven, viable solutions capable of outsmarting addiction. The personalized recovery plans designed by these professionals are a merger of evidence-based programs and resources that keeps you abstinent for long.

Meth Addiction Treatment Program at Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery

For instance, holistic programs spanning Dialectical and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and Dual Diagnosis for co-occurring disorders are incorporated into a typical treatment plan. Additional programs are also available for individuals whose Meth addiction overlaps the use of alcohol or other drugs.

Considering how overpowering Meth addiction can be, the role of experts in overcoming it cannot be overemphasized. Let our Addiction Specialists help you find the best therapists offering your preferred meth treatment program within your city. We look forward to playing a part in your recovery experience.

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