Xanax Detox in Newburgh, New York

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Xanax Detox in Newburgh, New York

Except for rare genetic mutations, no one is immune to anxiety. Everyone will experience minor to major bouts of anxiety several times in their lives. While many circumstances can trigger anxiety, common triggers for Americans today stem from work, family, responsibilities, security, education, and financial worries.

Until recently, anxiety disorders were believed to decline after adulthood. However, mental health experts are beginning to alter their views. Bearing this fact in mind, many Americans use prescription drugs to manage their anxiety disorders. The most common of these medications is Xanax, aka Alprazolam.

This prescription drug is a benzodiazepine that works by inhibiting the processes in the brain that cause irregular excitement. Upon administration, it elicits a feeling of calmness in the user. However, users also abuse Xanax for this effect. In New York, the drug cannot be obtained without a doctor’s prescription. Moreover, with increasing demand from individuals who do not have a medical need for it, illicit dealers have begun to sell fake Xanax pills.

Detox from Xanax Dependency

Given that bouts of anxiety cannot be avoided in the span of one’s life, most users feel the need to continue using the drug. This abuse and/or recreational use of Xanax is often the beginning of chemical dependence.

Xanax abuse is no trivial matter. In 2017, Xanax reportedly caused 1,487 overdoses in New York. The drug has been proven potentially fatal, especially when combined with other substances. When people become addicted, it can be hard to stop but it is possible. Sobriety begins with detox in a residential program. During detox, people stop taking the drug as the body is cleansed of all traces of Xanax. This sets the foundation for further therapy.

However, the process is typically marked by withdrawal. The body will protest as traces of the drug are being removed. The withdrawal process for benzodiazepines is just as dangerous as it is for opioids. Withdrawal symptoms could include increased anxiety, insomnia, depression, irritability, or muscle jerks. Seizures can also occur in severe cases. However, with professional help, you will win and emerge ready to live a sober healthy life.

Let Us Help You Find a Xanax Detox in Newburgh, NY

The intensity of withdrawal symptoms varies with everyone. However, it usually wears out within a week. While detox sets the foundation for further healing, it is not a complete treatment on its own. This is because detox only addresses the physical aspect of chemical dependence. It does not address the root of addiction or helps the individual develop the necessary skills to maintain sobriety.

This is accomplished through psychotherapy, particularly cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is another way to manage anxiety without resorting to drugs. CBT sessions with a therapist usually span several months. It is often an outpatient treatment and helps individuals recognize and challenge anxious thoughts. They also learn to modify behaviors that could be contributing to the anxiety.

With the right treatment, life can be free of drugs. Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery is committed to helping you to achieve this. Let us help you get into an appropriate Xanax detox center in Newburgh NY or out-of-state. Call our helpline for more details.

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