Xanax Detox in Albany NY

Panic attacks come suddenly and without warning. While the symptoms vary with individuals, they are always frightening for everyone. Don't allow Xanax addiction to consume you, reach out for help.

Xanax Detox in Albany NY

The intensity of panic attakc and anxiety symptoms generally peak in ten minutes and fade away within thirty minutes. However, there is a lingering concern for those who have to deal with anxiety. This is because anxiety can affect their quality of life and relationships. Panic disorders are by no means rare. Chances are you know at least one person with this condition since about 1 in 50 Americans over 12 years of age are diagnosed with anxiety every year.

While some individuals have only one or two attacks in a lifetime, others have daily or weekly attacks. In extreme cases of anxiety, even a sufferer does not know when the next episode will strike. Thus, they need to keep their anti-anxiety medications handy. However, although no one starts out wanting to become chemically dependent, panic disorder can cause them to abuse the prescribed medication. We recommend Xanax detox in Albany, NY, and out-of-state if you are addicted to benzodiazepines and can’t stop taking Xanax.

How Xanax Becomes Addictive

There are two effective groups of drugs for managing anxiety attacks. They are different classes of antidepressants and several short-acting benzodiazepines, including Xanax (alprazolam). However, both drugs have shortcomings that encourage chemical dependence. They must be taken for extended periods (six to nine months) and quitting too soon often leads to a recurrence of anxiety.

Xanax, which has both anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects, works after the first dose and causes few major side effects. However, normal doses taken over only several months may lead to tolerance and physical dependence. These problems are common with other benzodiazepines but are more pronounced with Xanax.

When Xanax is abruptly discontinued or the dose is sharply reduced, withdrawal symptoms such as hallucinations, delirium, and seizures may occur. Furthermore, the initial problem of extreme anxiety can continue for six months to several years. To prevent these problems, the dosage of Xanax reduced gradually over many months. This often proves to be extremely difficult.

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All benzodiazepines have the potential for recreational abuse but Xanax leads in emergency visits in Albany. The drug has proven to be fatal, especially when combined with other substances like alcohol. If you or your loved one has become dependent on Xanax, help is near.

Due to the nature of the drug, Xanax detox is a residential program. During detox, addiction specialists help remove traces of the drug via a structured process that will also aid the development of healthy coping strategies. Because treatment has grown so much in recent years, it is now possible to manage anxiety without drugs. Psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) help achieve this. CBT is focused on how thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes can affect feelings and behavior.

Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery understands that finding a best-fit detox program can be a lot of work. Let us help you. With an expansive network of highly-rated and successful Xanax detox programs in Albany NY and out-of-state, we can find the one that suits your recovery needs very quickly. You do not have to spend one day longer grappling with the pill bottles. Call our recovery advocates now.

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