Drug Detox in Poughkeepsie, New York

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Drug Detox in Poughkeepsie, New York

A consequence of substance abuse is the exposure to a variety of toxic wastes that accumulate in the body of a healthy individual who uses drugs. As the frequency and period of abuse increases, these toxins from over-indulgence and unhealthy drug lifestyles cause a decline in the user’s wellbeing. Today we are witnessing a high point of drug abuse that exceeds all prior eras of American history. This is especially true of opioid abuse, which accounts for more fatalities than gun violence and car accidents combined in a single year. In recent years, opioid dependence has exceeded dependence on either alcohol or marijuana.

Our understanding of how drugs affect the brain, the most complex organ known, has grown vastly in recent decades. Detox, medication-assisted therapy, rehab, and socialization are the most strongly emphasized treatment approaches to achieving a drug-free life. We have come to understand far better the various parts of the human brain, their respective functions, and their neurochemistry and circuitry, as well as how drugs affect them. This understanding has led to the development of comprehensive treatment plans to help persons with substance use disorder.

A Vicious Cycle of Addiction

Addiction hijacks the brain in a notable way that follows a classic three-stage process. In the first stage, recreational use or abuse stimulates reward pathways and relieve physical pain. This causes the users to experience a drug high and get relief from any pain they might feel. However, continuous abuse, often time than not, quickly results in addiction. In the second stage, the effects of a persistently used drug wear off very quickly. However, the addict may become depressed and anxious.

In the third stage (dependence and addiction), users become very preoccupied with obtaining and taking the substance that they may neglect important aspects of their lives such as academic and/or professional goals, personal hygiene, relationships, and finances. There is an intense and compulsive desire to use that they dismiss negative consequences — such as family alienation, loss of employment, financial ruin, and ill-health. At this stage, most addicts try to quit cold turkey and relapse despite sincere efforts to stop. Nonetheless, no hope is lost. You can still achieve a drug-free life.

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Substance abuse and addiction is a multi-faceted problem that is peculiar to each individual. The circumstances of abuse may involve genetics, environment, experience, social values, brain chemistry and circuits, level of cognition, personality and other factors. While treatment has come leaps and bounds in the past decades, a type of treatment remains an indispensable first step in sobriety goals – detox.

Poughkeepsie drug detox sets the foundation for treatment aimed towards a sober life. At our partner treatment centers within Poughkeepsie, the goal is to help people struggling with drugs get their lives back. You will receive the necessary professional help without having to travel out of town. Join hundreds of individuals who have enjoyed individualized attention to kick drug addiction via our resources at Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery. Call our addiction helpline today.

Addiction Resources for Poughkeepsie, NY

Residents of Poughkeepsie, NY searching for addiction help now have plenty of resources to fight substance abuse. Our team of professionals is here to guide and support you during this difficult time. We work with a variety of Hudson Valley addiction treatment programs personalized to fit your needs:

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