Drug Detox in Newburgh, New York

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Drug Detox in Newburgh, New York

For many New Yorkers struggling with substance dependence, the story often starts with casual use that soon morphed into an addiction. Since this situation does not happen overnight, people often ignore warning signs that they may have a problem, and drugs become somewhat indispensable in their lives.

Nonetheless, there is good news. Help is available to people with this problem. The road toward health and wellbeing is likely to be rocky, but with professional help, chemically-dependent individuals will find their way. Treatment often starts with detoxification or simply, detox. 

How Drug Detox Works

Most times when a person commits to a drug detox program, their tolerance for the drug has increased and they are almost wholly dependent on the drug. These chemically-dependent individuals must take the drug more frequently than before or risk suffering from difficult withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may include headaches, trembling, chills, bone and muscle pain, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, nightmares, hallucinations, and depression. All of these are often accompanied by an intense craving for the drug. By this time, drug abuse has gone beyond just experiencing the euphoria or high after administration. It is taking grip of the individual’s physical and psychological wellbeing. Stopping becomes difficult without experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Detox is just about removing traces of the drug and its wastes from the body. It is also about helping the person manage withdrawal. To achieve this, treatment specialists often administer FDA-approved drugs, such as methadone, in medically-assisted treatment. These drugs help to taper the user off and effectively manage withdrawal, even in its worst state.

However, what works for one person may not work for another, and relapse is a common problem. Most detox programs are fully inpatient as a person recovering from drug-dependence lives in the facility 24 hours a day. Depending on the severity of the addiction, detox may last for a week or up to four weeks. Despite the challenges, chemically-dependent people can navigate through treatment and emerge to live happy, productive, and drug-free lives.

Locate a Drug Detox in Newburgh, NY

Detox will help a person struggling with substance addiction quit drugs but that is all it is. It is not all-encompassing. Other treatment methods are designed to build on the success of detoxification. Emerging from drug addiction to abstinence is not as simple as detoxing alone. For the vast majority of people, there is the danger of relapsing without serious support.

While detox provides healing on the physical front, other treatments like therapy help you recover on the mental front and remain sober. Therapy helps people change their attitudes and behaviors towards drugs, increases their skills to combat difficult circumstances and interactions that may trigger a craving for drugs, and provide rewards for remaining abstinent.

Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery helps Newburgh residents find their best-fit detox program, either locally or out-of-state. For years, we take pride in being a part of the success stories of those that have kicked drug addiction through the support of our resources. We will like to be a part of your journey to sobriety. Call our addiction helpline today.

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