Drug Rehab in Albany, New York

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Drug Rehab in Albany, New York

Drug addiction can test the strongest family bond. It can cost a chemically dependent person their relationships and friendships. Substance addiction can strain a loved one’s and employer’s patience as well as drain their finances. Most of all, it can bring irretrievable loss to the individual and their loved ones.

Almost 21 million Americans are addicted to at least one substance. The most common substances include opioids, alcohol, stimulants, sedative-hypnotics, cannabis, and nicotine. Overdose from these drugs has more than tripled in the last three decades as over 700,000 Americans died from drug overdose from 1999 to 2017.

At first glance, these grim numbers may seem to show that people who become dependent on drugs are lost. On the contrary, freedom from addiction is possible. Treatment often starts with detoxification. It helps to provide motivation, ease withdrawal, and renewed purpose in a person.

How Drug Detox Works

The good news is that people can and do recover from substance addiction. Achieving sobriety involves making a resolution and having a community of people to help you achieve your goal. This is how drug detoxification works. Albany NY drug detox is usually a residential program during which an individual stops taking drugs and the toxins that have accumulated in their systems are removed. During this program, the goal is to allow the body to heal after a period of drug abuse.

Sometimes, therapists help the body rid itself of the drug by easing the adverse effects of withdrawal. They do this by administering certain medications, usually after an assessment. These drugs can lessen withdrawal symptoms and help achieve independence from the substance of abuse.

Substance addiction is a chronic disorder that is often preceded by other emotional problems. This is why drug detox in Albany NY or out-of-state is used as a foundation for other treatments, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, to build on. Quitting cold turkey is not advised because of intense withdrawal symptoms and the high risk for relapse. In this case, a relapse can be potentially fatal.

Find a Detox Program in Albany, NY

People who recover from drug addiction often do so with the help of their social network and a treatment program. As full recovery often requires many attempts, it is normal to have occasional feelings of frustration and helplessness. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a full recovery and live the sober life you desire. Even a relapse is an important learning opportunity that moves people closer to their recovery goals. However, this only applies when an individual is honest with their therapist.

There are many ways to become chemically dependent on a drug but there are many routes to recovery. Also, everyone’s recovery story is different, just as addictions are different. A treatment that works for another person may not work for you.

With the right treatment, life can be free of drugs, and addiction loses its influence. Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery is committed to helping you become drug-free. Let us help you get into the best-fit detox program in Albany NY or out-of-state. Call us today.

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