Heroin Detox in Albany, NY

Learn what to expect from heroin detox and how to begin your journey towards lasting sobriety. We recommend the best heroin detox in Albany, NY and out-of-state for men and women in need of addiction treatment.

Heroin Detox in Albany, NY

Albany lies along the west bank of the Hudson River. It is located just 135 miles north of New York City. It is culturally diverse and home to about 98,000 residents. Nonetheless, its relatively small size compared to New York did not conceal it from the opioid epidemic in New York.

The results of a study carried out between 2009 and 2013 revealed that the number of heroin-related deaths in New York state increased by 163%. Also, data retrieved from the New York Department of Health revealed that there has been a significant increase in heroin-related hospitalization, overdose, and deaths in Albany since 2017.

Without a doubt, heroin is a powerful and dangerous drug. While it is typically hard to quit, especially when a user has become dependent, it can be done. For Albany NY residents who are seeking help, quitting begins with committing to a supervised detox program. 

What Happens During Heroin Detox?

Opioids are by nature very powerful drugs. Their mechanism of action is responsible for the intense high as well as the awful withdrawal symptoms. Upon introduction into the body, heroin and other opioids find their way to the brain where they bind to special types of neurons. This causes the euphoria, relaxing, and painkilling effects associated with heroin.

Scientists have found out that these parts of the brain control pleasure or reward, respiratory activities, and the digestive system. The action of heroin on the center that controls respiration causes breathing to become slower. This elicits a relaxed feeling and can be potentially fatal during an overdose. The action of heroin on the part that controls pleasure or reward is responsible for the euphoria or high. Over time, a continuous and increased dose of heroin will be needed to achieve a high. By this time, the individual has become dependent or even addicted to heroin. Detox helps to fix this physical alteration of brain chemistry.

Heroin detox is the start of any treatment aimed at sobriety. It seeks to remove the accumulated toxins from the body. The process is often accompanied by withdrawal symptoms such as intense craving, insomnia, agitation, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and sweating.

Depending on the needs of the individual, detox may take the form of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). In MAT, FDA-approved drugs to suppress these withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Get Into an Albany NY Heroin Detox Program

Think of a detox as the foundation where your recovery begins. Upon completion, it is matched with further Albany NY heroin treatment such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), group therapy, and family therapy.

Given how much you can benefit from detox, it is best if you consider professional help. If people who were formerly dependent on heroin can quit for good and remain sober. Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery has successfully connected Albany residents with the best detox centers in Albany NY and out-of-state for years. We will be glad to help kick-start your journey to recovery. Call our helpline today.

Addiction Resources for Albany NY

Residents of the Albany NY area searching for addiction help now have plenty of resources to fight substance abuse. Our team of professionals is here to guide and support you during this difficult time. We work with a variety of Hudson Valley addiction treatment programs personalized to fit your needs:

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