Alcohol Detox in Newburgh, New York

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Alcohol Detox in Newburgh, New York

Liquor, whiskey, booze, hooch, wine, beer, ale, porter. These are some of the common names and forms of alcoholic drinks in America. The main difference between them is the composition of alcohol in each drink. On one hand, beers (normally with an alcohol content of 3 – 7%) are on the lower end of the spectrum while whiskeys (alcohol greater than 40%) are among the strongest of alcoholic drinks.

When people drink alcohol, they feel pleasure and relaxation during the first half-hour or so. The experience is different for everyone though. While some people often become talkative and socially outgoing with their first drink, others have bad experiences. Notwithstanding, these feelings are usually replaced by sedation or drowsiness as the alcohol is eliminated from the body, and drinkers may become quiet and withdrawn with time. This pattern is often a motivation to drink more to keep the initial pleasant buzz going. This pattern may also be the start of a lifelong struggle with alcohol addiction.

Newburgh NY and Alcoholism

The city of Newburgh has legislation that is quite strict on the public consumption of alcoholic beverages. This is not surprising since the city has had its unfair share of deaths from DUIs and alcohol overdose. The opioid epidemic in America has almost swept alcohol abuse under the carpet as efforts are more focused on keeping illicit drugs out.

For starters, alcohol is legal for recreational use. Anyone over 21 (teens find ways to bypass this) can walk into the local grocery store and buy a handle of vodka or tequila or whiskey in a matter of minutes. Likewise, getting a pack of beer does not require a prescription unlike other drugs of abuse. This has undermined how bad alcohol can be. The sad average is that six persons die every single day from alcohol poisoning in the United States. In 2016, at its peak, alcohol was linked to more deaths than guns, car accidents, or even HIV/AIDS.

Beating Alcoholism Starts with Alcohol Detox

With alcohol being the third leading preventable cause of death in America, finding alcoholism treatment is not a trivial matter. Most treatments begin with detox because it sets the foundation for recovery using other treatment approaches. Alcohol detox is characterized by some intense and uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms. There are also medications to manage this as in medication-assisted therapy (MAT). MAT is recommended based on your recovery needs during and after detox.

Other treatment options, including Newburgh NY alcohol detox, focus not merely on the problem but mainly on the person as a whole. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps to make modifications to lifestyle by finding ways to avoid alcohol-related activities, create new ways to cope with stress. Group therapy sessions provide psychological support in the form of learning from other recovering alcoholics who share problems that may have contributed to their dependence or abuse of alcohol.

Find Alcohol Detox in Newburgh, New York

Treatment professionals at detox centers understand the chronic nature of alcoholism. Although detox is the start of any treatment program, there is a need to commit to an ongoing program to maintain sobriety. This is also very helpful in healing relationships (family and friends) that may have been affected by alcohol.

Addiction Resources for Newburgh, NY

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