Alcohol Detox in New Paltz, New York

Our alcohol detox in New Platz NY or out-of-state offers the best chance at recovering from acoholism. Start healing from alcoholism today.

Alcohol Detox in New Paltz, New York

Modern-day American culture is full of mixed messages about alcohol. For example, advertisements of alcohol caution consumers to “drink responsibly.” At the same time, these ads show that drinking is a lot of fun. Of course, alcohol (and tobacco) companies do this because they are trying to make a profit. Thus portraying drinking to be a lot of fun gets more consumers to buy alcohol and this means more zeroes at the end of the financial year.

Furthermore, these mixed messages extend to how old people must be before they can drink alcohol. The legal age for drinking is 21 and it is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under age 21 in the United States. However, it has been reported that young buyers contribute to a quarter of alcohol sales in the United States every year. Ultimately, the decision to drink rests upon the consumer who may or may not have information about the problems alcohol can cause in the face of peer pressure, advertising, and the stresses of life.

Alcohol Addiction is REAL

A national survey estimated there are over 18 million Americans who are addicted to alcohol. Realizing that alcohol is a drug may seem surprising since consumers do not need a prescription from the doctor to get it, unlike other drugs. Besides, alcohol is thought of as “not on the same level” as illicit drugs that are exchanged on shady street corners. Thus, it is easy to mislabel alcohol addiction as a myth. The reality is that alcohol is linked to the addiction and mortality of more young people than cocaine, heroin, and every other illegal drug combined.

Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol addiction and treatment is not simple or general for everyone. This is because of the nuances of how alcohol affects the mind and body of an alcoholic. First, the body of an alcoholic has become so used to having alcohol in it that they need to drink more and more just to feel normal. Those who do try to quit usually fail to do so without help because of the very uncomfortable and often intense withdrawal symptoms. These can include problems with sleeping, uncontrollable body shaking (tremors), stomach pain and vomiting. Cold turkey recovering addicts might even experience seizures within hours of trying to quit drinking.

Detox aims to get the alcohol out of the recovering addict’s body systems. New Platz Alcohol Detox usually takes about four to seven days and must be medically supervised for best results. The treatment professional may also prescribe drugs to prevent seizures or hallucinations and manage withdrawal symptoms during detox. Alcohol detox in New Plantz, New York or out-of-state is a residential treatment program and one of the added benefits is that experts examine and help the recovering addict find medical help for common physical problems related to alcoholism if need be.

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We know that dealing with alcohol problems can be tricky. Many people have problems with alcohol and may not know it or will not admit to themselves or their loved ones. Nonetheless, we are here to make help available for New Paltz residents who are addicted to alcohol. We also have many helpful resources for people who want to learn more about alcohol abuse and alcoholism. If you or your loved one need help to find the best-fitting alcohol detox program in New York and out-of-state, we are always available to discuss your needs. Do contact us to access our helpful resources.

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