Alcohol Detox in Hyde Park, NY

Alcohol detox or detoxification is the first step in seeking treatment for alcoholism. Reach out for help now and begin the alcoholism recovery process.

Alcohol Detox in Hyde Park, NY

Alcohol is the oldest and one of the most consumed substances in the United States. While history points to its accidental discovery, there is proof that humans have been making alcohol intentionally for 12,000 years. Naturally, the highest content of alcohol that can be made from fruits is capped at 15%. At this concentration, the yeast dies and fermentation stops. To produce commercial drinks with higher alcohol content, manufacturers use distillation.

Societal uses of alcohol are many and varied. In the past, it was used as a painkiller before surgery as an antiseptic and aid to digestion. Alcohol was also the go-to tonic or stimulant after fainting episodes. Although more suitable drugs have long replaced these uses, alcohol is still being used in religious and social gatherings. Today, many Americans have realized that they are chemically dependent on alcohol. And they are seeking help regardless of location.

Chemical Dependence and Alcohol Detox

Contrary to popular belief and despite the animated behavior of drinkers in movies or social settings, alcohol acts as a depressant on the nervous system. Furthermore, alcoholism has become a major public health problem in the United States. In New York, alcohol is a commonly abused substance and among the leading cause of preventable death. However, for individuals struggling with alcoholism, there is help through a Hyde Park NY alcohol detox.

Professional recovery specialists monitor the process as part of a residential program. During the entire time, they will focus on removing accumulated toxic wastes of alcohol from the individual’s body systems. Then gradually, they will recover the neurochemical balance that alcohol had upset. This process is typically difficult due to withdrawal symptoms.

These include nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, sweating, shaking hands or tremors as well as delirium. Other symptoms include insomnia, agitation, and irritability. Some of these symptoms are already visible in chronic alcoholics.

Withdrawal symptoms can be very intense and make detox unpleasant. Nevertheless, you will not go through them alone. Depending on your needs, your recovery specialist may administer FDA-approved drugs for managing alcohol withdrawal. This process is called medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT uses FDA-approved drugs such as Buprenorphine to suppress withdrawal symptoms and helps transition a person to total sobriety. However, MAT is only recommended on a needs basis. Typically, detox programs also incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help the individual identify the root cause of dependence and build the skills to maintain sobriety.

Find a Detox Program in Hyde Park NY

Alcohol dependence causes a lot of damage to one’s life but no hope is lost. With professional help, you can live a fulfilling life outside the bottle. You will only have to commit and work with your recovery specialist during the entire process. Both of you will embark on a unique journey where you will emerge sober and ready to proceed on further treatment.

A typical detox program lasts for two weeks or more. There is no rush because the goal is to achieve long-term sobriety that leaves no chance for relapse. Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery, helps Hyde Park residents find the best detox program without having to travel out-of-state.

Call our recovery advocates and we will be happy to assist you or a loved one.

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