Cocaine Treatment in New Paltz NY

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Cocaine Treatment in New Paltz NY

We have been altering our state of consciousness for centuries. The source has steadily moved from mainly botanical, as in chewing tobacco or coca leaves, to more chemical derivatives. Cocaine for one has been the center of public health concern since the nineteenth century.

Once hailed as a drug for the elite, cocaine is now cheaply available in the United States. With the production of crack cocaine, addiction to the drug is now ridiculously prevalent and easy. Drug monitoring agencies attribute this to smuggling from South America. The coca plants are grown on large plantations to meet an ever-increasing demand from consumers in the United States. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimates that over 1.5 million Americans, aged over 12 years, use or have a cocaine problem. In 2014, the mortality from cocaine overdose alone was well over 5000 Americans. We’ve connected with cocaine treatment in New Paltz NY and out-of-state to assist men, women, and families.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is a very addictive stimulant. Stimulants have long been used for their energizing properties and some such as caffeine are used non-therapeutically today. Nontherapeutic use of stimulants, especially cocaine, leads to abuse and addiction very easily. A recent United States National Survey on Drug Use and Health noted that stimulant addiction accounted for nearly 2 in 10 of all patients who entered addiction treatment programs.

Nobody starts out using cocaine to become addicted. The neurobiological effect of cocaine on the brain causes this. Cocaine also acts very rapidly upon administration but the effects wear off very quickly. The sunken feeling after the high is so depressing that users must use a higher dosage to maintain the euphoria.

Treatment for cocaine addiction is one of the most complex substances of abuse. This attribute causes treatment specialists to treat each patient as a unique case. Although they may draw from years of experience in treating other people, no two cases are ever the same.

The intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms that accompany it are legendary. Thus, admitting and getting into rehab early is key to beating the problem. Nonetheless, hope is not lost for people who have relapsed or sought treatment before. Detox, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and participating in support group meetings are the best treatment approaches available at this time. No medication has been approved for treatment. Some drugs that show promise in clinical trials may be approved for medication-assisted treatment in the future.

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Despite the obvious challenges in the treatment of cocaine addiction. Treatment centers continue to record success in helping former addicts achieve long-term sobriety. Considering the history of cocaine addiction in nineteenth-century America, treatment has come leaps and bounds since then.

We know that choosing a treatment program in the country can be very frustrating, especially for people who have to travel out of town for treatment. We can help! Let us help you access the best treatment programs in New Paltz. If you have questions before committing, we have answers.

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