Alcoholism Programs in Kingston, NY

Live in the Kingston NY area and suffer from alcoholism? Finding good alcohol addiction programs is very important. We can help you find one!

Alcohol Treatment Centers in Kingston, NY

Alcohol abuse in the United States is a bane both to the old and the young. The substance’s popularity appears to be the most critical factor promoting its widespread use in the nation. Unlike some other commonly abused substances, alcohol is openly sold and readily accessible. Its use in moderate amounts has also been argued to provide health benefits.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), alcoholism is defined differently for males and females. Binge alcohol use in men involves consuming about five drinks in two hours, while in women, taking four drinks in the same time frame constitutes binge drinking. Heavy drinking, another form of alcoholism, is marked by prolonged binge alcohol use.

About Alcohol Use Disorder in Kingston, New York

In New York, binge alcohol use has recently dwindled. However, the high rates still reported among young adults appears to mask the impacts of this decline. Between 2017 and 2019, 774,000 young adults engaged in binge drinking in the state: an average rate of 37.5%. One direct aftermath of this relatively high prevalence of binge alcohol use in the state was the 9.8% incidence of alcohol use disorders (AUDs) reported within the said period.

Alcoholism Programs in Kingston, NY

Consequences of Alcohol Abuse for the Kingston Community

Whether singly or combined with drugs, alcohol exposes its users and their immediate communities to numerous unfortunate consequences. Most DUI-linked crashes have been associated with excessive alcohol use, with the primary outcomes spanning injuries and death. Alcohol abuse is also a known trigger for the high rates of crime and domestic violence reported across the United States.

In addition to alcohol use disorders (AUDs), people who struggle with alcoholism may grapple with various chronic diseases, including cancers, cardiovascular disorders, and organ dysfunction. The economic burden of these appalling outcomes is also immense. Alcoholism-related complications rob the United States of at least $200 billion annually.

Dealing with Alcoholism in Kingston, NY and Out-of-State

Recovery Specialists are your best bet for understanding and overcoming your struggle with alcohol use. As trained and certified experts, they are well informed about substance use and develop result-yielding addiction treatment programs for addicted people. With their years of experience in addiction treatment, they are well-positioned to help you get through this critical phase of your life.

The extensive network of addiction treatment centers for Alcoholism in New York offers myriad Alcoholism Programs, most of which incorporate the popular Medication-assisted Therapy (MAT). MAT is an essential component of most treatment programs for alcohol abuse and remains the gold standard for Alcohol Detox. Other conventional addiction modules, including Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies and Dual Diagnosis for co-occurring disorders, also feature in these programs. 

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Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery’s approach to getting alcohol-addicted people out of the mire of alcoholism is unparalleled in Kingston and across New York. So if you are wondering where to get fantastic alcoholism treatment programs that merge quality service delivery and affordability, then you are in the right place.

We look forward to watching you beat your alcoholism struggles. Do not hesitate to contact our Addiction Advocates for help on starting a recovery plan at one of our Kingston-based recommendations.

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