Alcohol Rehab in New Rochelle, NY

Live in the New Rochelle NY area and suffer from alcoholism? Finding a good alcohol rehab center is very important. We can help you find one!

Alcohol Rehab in New Rochelle, NY

Unlike drugs which are either prescriptive or illicit when possessed or consumed, alcohol use in the United States is less defined. Except in individuals younger than 21, alcohol is not a prohibited substance. This seeming liberty to use the substance contributes to the unending alcohol abuse crisis plaguing the nation and New York. But it does not do so alone. The prohibition of alcohol consumption in underage individuals has also been insufficient to curtail its abuse in the age group.  

Alcohol Use in New Rochelle, New York

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that around 7.0 million underage individuals reported past month alcohol use in 2019. More than half of these individuals indulged in binge drinking, and a relatively high fraction, heavy alcohol use. Data collated for adults showed no variation from this appalling trend, as over 53 million binge alcohol users were aged 26 or older.

New York’s alcohol use crisis takes after the nation in so many ways. In 2019, over 100,000 individuals aged 12 – 17 initiated alcohol use in the state. Binge alcohol use in New York young adults was also relatively high and involved almost 800,000 individuals. Whereas around 185,000 young adults grappled with an alcohol use disorder (AUD) over the same timeframe, the overall incidence of AUD in the state was 867,000.

Alcohol Rehab in New Rochelle, NY

The Cost of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Many adverse consequences have been linked to alcohol use in the United States. DUI crashes, which are often an aftermath of excessive alcohol use, cause several deaths, injuries, and hospital admissions annually, the economic cost of which is quite alarming. Domestic violence and crime might also be triggered by alcohol abuse. Chronic diseases involving liver or kidney dysfunction, prevalent among heavy alcohol users, are often fatal if left untreated. Other complications also result from consuming alcohol alongside drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or prescription medications.

Where to Find Pragmatic Programs for Alcohol Treatment in New Rochelle, NY

Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery offers a way out of the vicious cycle of alcohol addiction. We have an enthusiastic team of professionals who are willing and prepared to support alcohol-addicted people in their quest to beat addiction. Our network of recovery centers cuts across the city and extends throughout the state, offering a diverse range of affordable programs. So if you are searching for evidence-based rehab programs for alcohol addiction in New Rochelle, NY, or around New York, we can lead you to them. 

Flexible Recovery Plans for Alcohol Abuse in New Rochelle, NY

A unique feature of the programs we recommend is their flexibility. By being flexible, these programs allow you to choose from various options: In-Patient, Out-Patient, Evening, and Ambulatory treatment plans, depending on your schedules. Flexible plans also mean you can stay in college, keep your job, or maintain close contact with your family members and friends during therapy.

We believe you can beat alcohol addiction without hassles and are here to give you a memorable experience doing so. Kindly reach out to our Recovery Advocates today to learn more about the benefits of enrolling in our reliable network of Alcohol Rehab facilities.

Addiction Resources for New Rochelle, NY

Residents of the New Rochelle area searching for addiction help now have plenty of resources to fight substance abuse. Our team of professionals is here to guide and support you during this difficult time. We work with a variety of Hudson Valley addiction treatment programs personalized to fit your needs:

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