Addiction Treatment in Cortlandt, NY

Our experts will connect you with highly personalized resources. We also provide physical and psychological support to recovering addicts.

Addiction Treatment in Cortlandt, NY

Cortlandt is a beautiful town in New York sitting in the northwestern corner of Westchester County with a populatio of almost 40,000 people. Cortlandt includes two sister villages, Buchanan and Croton-on-Hudson, as well as several hamlets including Montrose, Crugers and Verplanck.

Recently, the glow of the town is being darkened by waves of addiction. Men, women, and families are affected by substance abuse throughout the area. We offer addiction treatment in Cortlandt NY and out-of-state for those that need professional help.

An Addiction Epidemic in Cortlandt, NY

Alcohol and drug overdose cause 130 deaths every day in the United States. In 2018, reports indicated that 352 overdoses turned fatal in Westchester. So far, in 2019, with four months left, those figures have climbed to 403. Cortlandt is not left out as it accounts for a significant part.

The effects of addiction transcend a one-person story. Families of addicts are also affected physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. Many addicts end up in prison or contract chronic diseases.

Substance addiction is not a rabbit hole. Sadly, most addicts either fail to realize this or are in denial of their problem. Some also shy away from professional help because of shame or stigma. This can lead you down the path of continued relapses and problems.

For residents of Cortlandt, help is within reach. There are many Cortlandt addiction treatment facilities that specialize in treating chemical dependence. With professional help, it is possible to recover before your health or relationships are destroyed.

Recognizing Addiction

Addictions are generally characterized by craving, compulsion, and an inability to exercise self-control. There is an addiction if:

  • You neglect or have no interest in activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol
  • You have relationship difficulties, which often involve lashing out at loved ones who question your addiction
  • You cannot stop using drugs after they have caused health and personal problems
  • You do not want to explain injuries that occurred while under the influence
  • You have undergone profound changes in appearance as well as lack of hygiene

Our recommended addiction treatment centers in Cortlandt NY and out-of-state provie a lasting solution with evidence-based treatment methods and a team of clinical professionals.

What Role Does Addiction Treatment Play?

When a substance starts to disrupt the quality of your life, it is time to seek help. The first step towards sobering up is acknowledging the problem. Then you need to find an addiction treatment center.

Almost all addicts attempt to kick the habit by themselves. While some are successful, most relapse within days or weeks. Others may even die. Even for those who successfully kick an addiction on their own, the process can be very messy.

The recovery phase is characterized by withdrawal symptoms. Health professionals will help you manage these symptoms and supervise your recovery. They will employ a comprehensive plan, including residential treatment, detoxification, therapy, and support groups to help you recover.

Finding Addiction Treatment in Cortlandt NY

If you or a loved one need help overcoming addiction, there is a solution at Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery Center. We understand that everyone goes through situations differently, especially when it comes to substanced abuse.

Your addiction treatment plan will be tailor-made to help you kick the habit as soon as possible. Our mission is always to see you live the quality life you deserve. Call our helpline for a confidential treatment assessment around the clock.

Addiction Resources in Cortlandt, NY

If you need help with drug abuse in Cortlandt, New York, then you need to choose the addiction treatment program. Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery has a wide network of drug rehab resources that will help you to find the right rehab centers and specialists. Don’t delay in getting the help you need, every day in active addiction makes it more difficult to stop using.

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