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If you're seaching for a New York drug rehab program, then you've come to the right place. Our addiction specialists are ready to assist and lead you or a loved one to recovery.

Addiction Treatment in the Hudson Valley

The most precious moment for a recovering addict or alcoholic was the minute he or she realized they were in fact addicts or alcoholics and that they needed help to get clean and sober for good. The addiction treatment programs offered in the Hudson Valley and in the state of New York utilize comprehensive science-based methods proven to help addicts and alcoholics attain long-term recovery from substance abuse. Each facility is overseen by a staff of medical professionals who all specialize in addiction recovery.

The recommended program for achieving quality long-term recovery from alcohol and or drug addiction begins with a medically supervised detox. Persons who have been addicted to substances require medical supervision to safely withdraw. The addiction treatment centers in the Hudson Valley prescribe safe medications to help alleviate physical withdraw symptoms as well as emotional.
Once a person completes detox the next phase in a substance abuse treatment program is for them to attend residential or PHP treatment. PHP stands for Partial Hospitalization Program. When admitted into PHP the person will remain at the treatment center for a set amount of days depending on what their treatment program team has recommended for them. The PHP addiction treatment programs in Hudson Valley offer programs from 30 days up to 90 days. It is highly recommended that each client considers staying for 90 days, as this is the most recommended length of treatment by all addiction recovery professionals.

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Residential treatment programs and PHP provide group counseling, addiction education, relapse prevention skills, recovery focused activities, 12 step meetings, holistic therapy, regular outings, health and fitness options, and activities and individual counseling. The methods used by the state-licensed staff for therapy include Cognitive and Dialectical therapy, as well as dual diagnosis treatment.
Each client will receive an individualized treatment program that is designed by him or her with the guidance of a cross-disciplinary staff that includes licensed counselors, psychiatrists, medical doctors, and professional therapists. This team is committed to ensuring that every client receives a positive and compassionate program for treatment. Each clients plan is regularly assessed and modified when more progress needs to be made or if a client has achieved their recovery goals sooner than predicted.
Not every person who needs treatment is able to attend a PHP residential treatment program and there is another highly successful treatment program that does not require the client to remain at the treatment center. This program is called IOP, which stands for Intensive Outpatient (recovery) Program. The IOP programs allow a person who cannot attend inpatient treatment due to work, family or school commitments to still receive professional drug and alcohol treatment. IOP programs ask that the client attend treatment for three hours a day three days a week. This format allows the person to still work, attend school and raise a family.

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The IOP addiction treatment programs in New York offer nearly all the services of a residential program. Which includes one on one counseling, group counseling, holistic therapy, 12 step meetings, relapse prevention, and addiction education. The length of time it takes to complete an IOP program is 90 days.
The next phase for a person who has attended a residential program is to step down in their treatment plan by living at a sober living house. Sober living is ideal for people in new recovery because each person receives around the clock support by others also in new recovery. Every sober living home has an onsite manager to ensure safety and to delegate responsibilities of all the residents, as well as to provide support to all the residents 24/7.
The requirement of a sober living home is that each client has a part-time job or volunteer or be attending school. The next requirement is that everyone in the house attends regular 12 step meetings every week and are working with a sponsor. The rules of a sober living house consist of that every person will remain clean and sober, be kind to one another, complete their chores, obey curfew hours and be making progress in their recovery goals.
Most people who have acquired substantial time in recovery attended treatment and then sober living. Sober living is not just structured living it is where many people develop the interpersonal skills of building friendships and gaining a sense of community while improving their self-esteem. Sober living is available as part of an addiction treatment program in the Hudson Valley, throughout the state of New York, and the whole country.